Monday, January 20, 2014


Two Thousand and Fourteen Fittest Games....when I say the year out loud it is hard to believe that we are living in the future!

Rewind with me to 2008, the first year CrossFit Central held The Fittest Games. The first year was a 4 month long "challenge" consisting of one event per month in a different city each month. The first event started out in the original CrossFit Central facility, all 600 square feet of it. The first Fittest Games workout was Fat Cindy with a 400 meter run. We had roughly 30 athletes participate and a hand full of spectators. People did not know what they were really getting into and that one workout was adequate for each competitor, leaving them laid out on the floor post-workout. (For some perspective, this year The Fittest Games is a 2 day event and each competitor will take on up to 5 workouts.)

AMRAP 20 Minutes:
5 Pull-ups
10 Pushups
15 Back Squats w 95#
400 Meter Run

One of the stand out qualities of the Fittest Games for me is the relationships you form from year to year and the opportunity to catch back up with friends you might not have seen over the past 6 months. The electricity is amazing with great people, great competitors, awesome DJs, and the common bound we all share all bringing the community together to live out its greatest attribute - celebrating each other's accomplishments and inspiring the people around us.

This year we will host 500 athletes and over 1,200 spectators. We could not produce the event with out the incredible volunteers and judges. We are extremely grateful for the commitment and the energy each person brings to this event.

Thank you.

To all the athletes traveling from around the country, we look forward to your sportsmanship and example of athleticism. We are committed to provided a professional atmosphere so you can do what you do best Compete.

Each year the Fittest Games prides itself on serving the community and producing a world class grass roots event. The team that helps create the event are amazing and extremely talented individuals. I want to recognize them for their hard work and commitment.

Directors ~
Ingrid Kantola
Michael Winchester
Johnathon Haynes

Operations and Coordinators
Mike Wright
Lourie Pospisil

Pit Bosses
Carey Kepler
Michael Gregory

Zach Thiel
Jessica Estrada

Ben Flores
Jeff Mckinny

Lisa B Thiel

FG Experience
Nicole Hughes

Fight from The Fittest Games on Vimeo.

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