Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Iron Sharpens Iron

The past 8 years being in the community I have been able to accomplish a lot. Much of my accomplishments were unto my self. To prove that I could be successful.

  The past couple of years I have been called to more. 

Humility and service are at the heart of the calling of more. I am excited to serve and begin a new chapter. 

If you feel you are being called to more please check out Iron Sharpens Iron. 


November 8th 9th 10th. 

Event Description

Faith Rx'd designed "Iron Sharpens Iron" to give you the opportunity to grow both physically and spiritually.  The weekend will include lifting and training sessions with some of the country's top coaches and speakers.  You will learn how to make your faith the core driver of your athletic performance, coaching and business philosophy.

Skill/workout sessions will expose you to instruction and analysis in all three elements of movement: gymnastics, weightlifting and monostructural.  We will practically reinforce these elements through a series of workouts spread across both anaerobic and aerobic time domains with the opportunity to set personal bests in an inspirational and competitive environment.  You can expect to get thoroughly tested in all aspects of fitness and receive game changing coaching aimed at continuing to build technique for a lifetime.

You will also be given multiple opportunities to learn from other athletes and grow together as a community throughout the 3-day event.  You will walk away from the weekend with a copy of the Athlete New Testament, a Faith Rx'd T-shirt and wristband, and hopefully a new outlook on how to make Christ a central part of your training and life.  Join us for this first of its kind, unforgettable event!

6:00 pm  Check-in
7:00 pm  Welcome, Introductions, Weekend Goals & Faith Rx’d Mission/Objectives
7:30 pm  Group Session: God is Awesome
8:30 pm  Social

9:00 am   Group Session by Jeremy Thiel
10:00 am  Skills/Workout #1
12:00 pm  Lunch Break
1:30 pm  Group Session: Developing a Faith Rx’d Group in your Area
2:30 pm  Skills/Workout #2
4:30 pm  Break
6:00 pm  Dinner (provided)
7:00 pm  Group Session: Living Your Faith
8:00 pm  Panel Discussion on Faith & Fitness

9:00 am   Group Session: Sharing Your Faith
9:45 am  Breakout Session by Region: Planning Impact
10:30 am  Skills/Workout #3
12:30 pm  End

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