Monday, August 5, 2013

Success Train

I have always been active but as I reached my 50’s, extra weight started to settle in my mid-section and thighs.  Distance running, a former passion, was no longer an option due to compressed discs in my lower back.  
 A transfer to Austin in December 2011 held more promise that just my career.  I began participating in Relentless Crossfit Central boot camps at work and started to see improvements in my stamina and muscle tone, but the extra fat persisted.  Jeremy rolled out his “21 day Challenge” right before Thanksgiving 2012.  I thought I’d give the Paleo/Zone diet a try and I am extremely pleased by the difference it has made in my figure, energy level and sleeping patterns.  Logging your food intake for 21 days was an eye opener and made me more conscious of what I eat and purchase. 
The transformation was not easy as the diet triggered physical and emotional changes until my body adjusted.  I am still 90% paleo/zone in my everyday eating and do not miss anything I used to eat.  I feel great, have more energy and sleep better. 

Since the original 21 day challenge, I have lost over 5.5% body fat, 15+ lbs, 6.5 inches and 2 sizes!

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