Friday, July 19, 2013

Success !!!!

I am so proud of Jessica she has transformed her life and is impacting the people around her!

My story

It’s amazing how life can change in just over a year.  In June 2012, I started Relentless Boot Camp through the RAW (Relentless at Work) program with my employer, Statoil. I was 28 years old, a newlywed and just moving back to Austin. I wasn’t happy with my weight or fitness level but wasn’t sure how to really make a difference on my own. Growing up I have been active but never played team sports and didn’t consider myself an athlete.

Relentless Boot Camp challenged me from Day 1 and I started feeling stronger and more fit every week. I have been able to work up from a 15 lb kettlebell to a 35 lb kettlebell (lifting heavier will not bulk you up girls!) In January 2013, I decided with some of my colleagues to join an indoor class at Crossfit Central as well to continue to challenge myself physically. 

Since joining boot camp I have lost 25 lbs, 10% body fat and 2 dress sizes. I attribute my success in that area to my great coaches, fitness routine, eating habits and Advocare. During the last 6 months I have been taking Spark, Catalyst and Thermoplus from Advocare.

Jessica Head 

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