Tuesday, July 30, 2013

See it Believe it Achieve it

We are very proud of Bear Fenimore!  Bear recently committed to  the University of Houston. Bear's tremendous work ethic earned him a spot as a UofH Cougar! Our team had him on the "triple threat" regimen  - Crossfit Football training program, whole food nutrition on a time base caloric intake, and AdvoCare nutritional products. 

We established Bears goals and worked with his mental state and focus. This allowed Bear to reach his full potential going into his Senior year as Westwood High School. 

Melissa Ravenscroft Bears Mother

"My son, Bear Fenimore, has trained with Jeremy Thiel off and on for over 8 years. To get Bear in fighting shape for spring football and over 33 division 1 colleges stopping by to see him, Jeremy became not just Bear's trainer but his nutrition coach and mentor. Within 12 weeks Bear lost 25 pounds got into the best shape of his life and has achieved all of his life goals he set for himself so far, becoming a division 1 athlete. Jeremy isn't about a program, he is about the athlete and what is best mind body and soul for them to reach their goals. "

Recruiting Scout by Ahmard Vital 

“The number one thing I felt I needed to do this past off season was lose weight. I was pushing 239 pounds. I realized that and my goal was to get down to 220 pounds,” Fenimore said. “Now, I’m down to 213 pounds so I achieved my goal. Other than that, I was wanted to work on my mobility and pick up the pass protections, by studying film. But losing weight was the main goal so that I could be more agile.”

Recruiting Scout Dot com  by Greg Powers

The Eye Ball Test -

"Is in great shape right physically right now. He is actually trimmer and lighter on his feet than when we saw him at some earlier camps in the winter."

Friday, July 19, 2013

Success !!!!

I am so proud of Jessica she has transformed her life and is impacting the people around her!

My story

It’s amazing how life can change in just over a year.  In June 2012, I started Relentless Boot Camp through the RAW (Relentless at Work) program with my employer, Statoil. I was 28 years old, a newlywed and just moving back to Austin. I wasn’t happy with my weight or fitness level but wasn’t sure how to really make a difference on my own. Growing up I have been active but never played team sports and didn’t consider myself an athlete.

Relentless Boot Camp challenged me from Day 1 and I started feeling stronger and more fit every week. I have been able to work up from a 15 lb kettlebell to a 35 lb kettlebell (lifting heavier will not bulk you up girls!) In January 2013, I decided with some of my colleagues to join an indoor class at Crossfit Central as well to continue to challenge myself physically. 

Since joining boot camp I have lost 25 lbs, 10% body fat and 2 dress sizes. I attribute my success in that area to my great coaches, fitness routine, eating habits and Advocare. During the last 6 months I have been taking Spark, Catalyst and Thermoplus from Advocare.

Jessica Head