Sunday, August 12, 2012

Brian Kelly Anthos HQ buy makes no sense.

Coach Glassman is committed to seeing what started our great community will continue.

I believe in the current model affiliate model and want to see it continue.

I believe the current Crossfit HQ affiliate model is superior and a great opportunity for people. I believe the organic and abundance approach is powerful. In 10 - 15 years we will see its true impact and how powerful it is.

I received an email from Bryan Kelly explaining his side of things and it does not make any sense to me why his team would want to continue with the purchase of Crossfit inc. when its not a good relationship.

My email response back.

Bryan Kelly

My question to you is if you are 50/50 percent owner with Coach Glassman and he doesn't want to partner with you how do you see this being a good relationship?

In my experience in business if you and your partners are not working together it will not be a healthy relationship. 

This does not seem to be a healthy investment for you or the community. 

Why would Anthos proceed in such an unhealthy environment? 

Jeremy Thiel 
Crossfit Central