Thursday, May 10, 2012

Boot Camp to Athlete

Training outdoors in the city of Austin is amazing. I will guaranty that if you join my boot camp and attend 98% of the classes your life quality will drastically improve. Not to mention all the health benefits. 
Make your move
Relentless Training Systems offers two core programs for athletes: on-going Athletic Training Classes and 6-Week Boot Camps. Which is right for you? Here's a quick explanation of the two programs to help you decide:
Athletic Training Classes
Over 20 classes offered at various days/times around Austin. Athletic Training is formerly the only program offered by Relentless and are where most of our athletes train each week throughout the year. Classes meet 2 or 3 times per week, with up to 15 athletes per class. Programs are constantly varied, scalable to all fitness levels, and are suitable for both new and more elite athletes. With the help of your Coach, you decide how much weight to use and how hard to push yourself, making the workouts custom to your goals. Centrally programmed scored workouts provide a competitive environment across all classes. Equipment used includes Hyper Wear Sandbells and Kettlebells. New athletes are required to take a one-day elements session called "Combine" as a prerequisite to joining class. Enrollment is open and you can join programs at any time. REGISTER HERE
6-Week Boot Camp 
Offered 5 times throughout the year, the 6-Week Boot Camp  are perfect for the athlete looking for a jump-start to meeting their fitness goals. Boot Camps meet 3x/week and are offered at 3 locations around Austin, with up to 30 athletes per boot camp. The focus of these classes is on teaching proper technique for kettlebell movements and providing progressively more intense workouts, tailored to new athletes to our programs. Nutrition guidance and accountability is provided and participation in food journaling is expected. At the end of the Boot Camp, athletes are ready to join our on-going Athletic Training classes. Registration is open for the next Boot Camp, which starts on May 21REGISTER HERE

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