Friday, February 17, 2012

True North

What is True North?
True North resides in the inner being of each and every one of us. Gut, Mind, Heart and Soul. When all of these elements of our being are lined  up we become a powerful and directed spirit. 
The illusion?
Chasing a life that is contrary to your gut instinct and opposed to our heart mind and soul.

Taken From True North Path 

Appreciating life, developing leadership, being true to yourself

Today's challenging economy requires exceptional leaders who can drive for sustainable change. Unpredictable futures demand a clear vision, dynamic strategy and integral leaders who have the capacity to sense and seize emerging business opportunities. 

Integral leadership means knowing ourselves fully and accepting ourselves deeply so that we think, feel and act from a grounded, integrated centre in all we do. Integral leadership builds authenticity and confidence in a leader. It opens them up to clearer vision and more decisive action. It motivates those around them to produce their best.

We believe that real, lasting, powerful change in the outside world happens when our inner foundation is strong.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Welcome to the Jungle... This is it....

Initiative - get it done....

Proactive - what else is in my power to do......

Ambition - Desire to leave a legacy.....

Hunger - I will do anything to fulfill on my potential.........