Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Book Club Kick off

Hope every one is excited about the book club. All the details will be posted on the Grid discussion board on Facebook. As you can see we will be reading "Go - Givers Sell More"

If you have not read the Go-Giver yet I would highly encourage you to check it out and read it.

Important Dates: January 10th -12th  Read Law I, II, III of Stratospheric Success Pgs. 11 - 121
                           January 12th Video Post  Laws I, II, III of Stratospheric Success.
                                                    Expect 2 - 4 questions per Law posted on Facebook
                                          12th - 17th Read Law's IV, V Pgs. 125 - 188
                           January 17th  Video Post  Laws IV, V of stratospheric Success
                                                    Expect 2 - 4 questions per Law posted on Facebook
                           January 19th U-Stream to cover the discussion of the Book


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