Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Go Giver

by: Nicole Hughes Garage Gym BluePrint
I have said more than once, ‘I’m not smart I just mimic the best.’ Much of my success is due to an insatiable reading habit, which fuels my thoughts and each of my projects. I love to open a new book and soak up the ideas of great thinkers! I have decided to share my love for books with all of you through an online book series
What to expect:
Once you register you will be invited to an exclusive Book Series Facebook group and where you will assigned weekly chapters with accompanying assignments. Every Thursday we will post a video discussing the book and we send out points of interest for each week’s assignment. The following Monday we will hold a live UStream discussion 3-4pm CST!
Open to 30 people (first come, first serve)
Registration Opens Thursday, September 22nd
Series Start Date: Thursday, October 6th
Cost: FREE


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