Sunday, September 11, 2011

FGB6 WHY 17minutes

t-shirt to be sold for fgb6 Woodward Crossfit put them together!

 Fight Gone Bad has always been an amazing community event for Crossfit Central. Our first event was in 2006. We had a tight nit group of 30+ people come out to Busby's Gym (we didn't have a facility yet) Over the course of the last 5 years we always rallied the troops raising funds for Sports Grants for all their great causes primarily cancer. This last couple of years Sports Grants have opened up to many other causes. Special Operations Warrior Fund Camp Patriot Crossfit Foundation Crossfit Central has been proud to raise over $60,000 + over the 6 year period.

In 2011 we were really thinking about toning it down and having a little smaller event. What I quickly learned I was being selfish and small minded. I got a call from Greta and Scott Zagarino from Sports Grant's and they wanted Crossfit Central to be the host of FGB6. I was at first a little taken back and honored then I was like "OH MAN". We had always put a huge amount of effort behind this great event and the year I get tired and lazy I get a call from Sports Grants. Scott is the most motivating and inspiring person I  have spoken to in along time! He gave me a vision and let me realize how much we could help out the community at large. I was grateful that Scott was so bold and believed so much to get me off my butt and get into action.
 We have special guest coming from all over the country.

We are honored to welcome 4 national representatives of FGB to Austin.
  • Braydon Nichols, the 10 year old son of Brian Nichols, who was shot down in the recent helicopter crash in Afghanistan.
  • Maj Daniel Blackmon, currently FGB6's highest fundraiser.  He is in Iraq right now on his 3rd tour and will be home on R&R for the event.  Daniel has promised to do an extra round of FGB for every $1K over $5K he raises.  He is already over $10K, which will make for an amazing WOD!  Maj Blackmon will be returning to Iraq right after the event.
  • Steve McLearly, Executive Director of Special Operations Warrior Foundation.
  • Gail Joyce and Kandy Lee, Mother and Aunt of Sgt. James Casey Joyce, Army Ranger who was killed in Somalia Oct 3, 1993, often remembered because of the movie BLACKHAWK DOWN.

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