Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Austin, Love & Zilker Relays

When I think of Love I think of Austin Tx. Austin is the heart of Texas, Lake Austin (Colorado River) is the main artery of life that runs through our city and our state. The Zilker Relays in its 9th year is possibly one of the most important events of my life.

Zilker Relay's event director Paul Perrone was one of the first people my wife Lisa Bender Thiel met when she moved to Austin. He invited her to the first ever Zilker Relays in 2003. Why is this so important you ask? Well, Lisa and I met for the first time at town lake 2006.  She came to a CrossFit Central free community workout "UTB".  I didn't know yet but this was the first encounter of many that would take place at Town Lake.

Fast forward to March 2008 I met up with Lisa at Paul Perrone's 40th birthday party.  Lisa and I were kinda dating at the time but this night we made a connection that lead to our marriage. To say the least Paul Perrone brought me and Lisa together.   His creation, Zilker Relays, allowed us to find common ground that made our relationship come together.

At Town Lake and the Zilker Relays anything is possible because Ausitn is Love. Hope you come out and gather with us this Friday and celebrate our city, our fitness and our love for community.