Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Power of One

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What is a commando to me.
A one man army that influences a whole community with nothing more then a commitment to living life to the fullest. When others are not passionate his passion inflames them. A selfless devotion to stand for others and to encourage others when the pay off is nothing. A commando does not look back saying what if but looks to the present and does the work at hand. I know very few commandos in this world but one of them walks amongst us.This commando needs no introduction it is known.

Paying homage where homage is due.


Auvie Kincer said...

I would agree with you on almost all aspects except one. In all military branches there is no such thing as a "one man army". All so-called commandos are part of a team. Without their teammates, an individual would not survive. You always need someone to watch your 6.

Jeremy Thiel said...

Auvie, I agree with you. The post is kinda a play on words. That the commandos influence on the many makes him apart of the team even if they dont know it.

Kevin Cherrick said...

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