Sunday, June 26, 2011

Thiel TechnoViking


The history of the Techno Viking

#thieltechnoviking 2.0

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This might be one of the most fun I have participated in my entire life! It would not have been possible with out Elliot Schrock. The man behind the camera! All the folks involved did a great job too! Zach Thiel might get a Grammy!

Nicole Hughes did a great job as well with photos!

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Community = Family

I want to thank everyone who made the 2011 South Central Regional Competition happen, Pam and Matt Munson, their team and all the judges and volunteers - All the athletes that dedicated the time effort to compete! I cannot say I have ever been happier for other people in my entire life. I feel like a very proud Husband, Brother, Mentor and supporter of so many people! I am so blessed and happy.

I want to give a shout out First to my wife Lisa Thiel. Ok, we all know she is the most amazing, talented women in the world! Yes, and she married me ha what a lucky guy!!!

Second my sister Carey Kepler is only showing you 1% of what she will do to change the face of the planet. YES she is amazing! Yes she is tough! Yes she is one of the fittest women in the WORLD! Yes #tigerblood Yes #patientfast. Her name will be remembered throughout the ages! She is a trail blazer and an inspiration to women all over the world!!

Lindsey Smith is a champion! She walks it, talks it, breathes it. I feel blessed to be around her. She makes everyone better by stepping into the room. I am so proud of her as a role model and an upstanding human being!

Fourth Aja Barto is the future of Crossfit Sport. He is one of the most amazing capable athletes I have seen in the sport. I know he is only beginning his dominance in the sport!

Fifth Zeph Littleton is a champion! He is a grinder that will not stop. He is an American hero! He has served his country proud. When I saw Zeph in 2010 regionals I knew he would compete for South Central Region at the Crossfit Games!

Sixth Andy Lewis I am proud of him like a big brother. He works hard and never gives anything he does less then 100%. Andy, you will be a success no matter what you do in life.

Seventh Team Crossfit Central, thank you for putting it all out there and committing yourself to competing.Michael Winchester Michael Gregory Travis Holley Jen Cardella Jessica Sharratt Crystal Nelson.

Eight Lance Cantu your my soul Brother. We will be in the games in the 2012. Over and out

Vic Zachary- Bayou City Champions! Glad I can be friends with amazing people! Jonathon Shelton- Crossfit Waco you Rock and am proud of you and your team! Dallas Central- Sam, Dean, Spencer, Chase you guys are ROCK STARS and I still want a tank!

Tenth Web Smith you are the fittest multitask-er I know. #Godblessyou !!! Great job #winning360

Brian Diaz, Drew Bignall, Paul Smith, Miguel Garza, Aryan Barto, Arron Bielefeldt - It was an honor working out next to you and all the other competitors.

Twelfth all the women in the South Central region are bad assess! Yes and they can kick my ass too. Whitney Welsch, Candice Ruiz, Ingrid Kantola, Azadeh Boroumand, Megan Norris congratulations on doing #work!!!

Thirteenth  Kris Kepler is the peoples champ. #winning #tigerblood #soulman #brother

Friday, June 3, 2011

Do Work III


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1) (n) The 36 chambers a warrior has to go through to become a Shaolin. Every chambers has a special task the warrior has to complete in order to be able to continue to the next chamber. 
2) (n) There are 36 'death-points' on the body, each seperated from the other at 10 degree intervals, where the trained Wu expert can cause death at a single blow.

Kinetic Linking

How does all this relate to Do Work?

Mastering a skill in business must take practice and laser focus.
  1. You must learn from mentors 
  2. You must read books 
  3. You must listen to Audio CDs 
  4. You must attend training seminars
Like martial arts business has many details that must be mastered to have success. The fastest way to success in mastery is to find a mentor and model their actions and what they study.

Kinetic linking teaches us fulcrums and leavers create power and leverage. How does this translate to business? Post your thoughts and I will post my next blog on the topic.