Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dumb it Down.......

  1. Don't be to bold so people will like you.
  2. Don't be to loud so people wont think your arrogant.
  3. Don't speak your mind so people wont think your a know it all. 
  4. Don't challenge authority so you will get promoted 
  5. Don't stand so tall so you dont intimidate people.
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Friday, May 27, 2011


There are a lot of mental/emotional ways to get a job done. I currently run three training facilities, a boot camp business, and an up-and-coming lifestyle web site. I see different attitudes, ways of being, and execution strategies by my partners, employees, and contractors. Some work better than others, but all strategies start in the mind and how you communicate the messages that will help to complete the task.

Five personal insights I have learned in the field:
  1. "Do work son/bitches"(thanks Jen C.) No matter how you think about your task or how you feel about it you must put in the time to get the job done. Common sense right? ...Wrong. Think about this in your life and the work you just won't do. Dues will be paid I promise.
  2. Leading with emotions will fuel a project and help get the job done, but will leave you spent and empty at the end of the project. Experience will teach you to balance a good timeline, direct plan of action, clear communication, and a then a boat load of emotion. 
  3. "Be relentless- again, again, and again." Any project, goal, or task you are up to from a new beginning will take a relentless spirit to get the job done and done right. If you are unwilling to put the time in for the long haul- just don't take on the task. *Long haul is a long as it takes: 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, 5 years.
  4. No body cares as much as you care. This might be the way it seems/feels, but "buy in" looks a lot of different ways to a lot of different people. Commitment, once again, is understanding the task clearly, knowing the timeline, and executing in actions. If you have trouble getting people fired up about their roles, they might not understand what the hell they are suppose to do. We think telling someone once will do the job. NOPE. 7 times every time. 
  5. Faith and Trust are super critical in any successful action plan.
  • Create chief aim - Goal
  • Ask who/what will it take to pull this off
  • Create a clear timeline and plan of action outline
  • Recruit your team
  • Go to work and be relentless
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