Wednesday, March 30, 2011


"grit" -defined as endurance in pursuit of long-term goals and an ability to persist in the face of adversity-

I had the pleasure of meeting Jonell Bayers Granpa this week. Grandpa is in his nineties and very impressive man. After reflecting on the photo and reading Why True Grit Matters I had some insights. Max Fernandez of South County Crossfit was the first to introduce me to the word GRIT. He keep repeating it as to what it takes to be good at Crossfit. I nodded my head yes as to act like I knew what he was talking about. After reading the article I found out I didnt have a clue.

Grandpas generation is considered The Greatest Generation to live in the History of the United States. I agree with this statement. Grandpas generation had GRIT. They busted their butts working, living, and providing for the future generations.

What will be said of our generation?

Article: Why True Grit matters @Fastcomapny

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Grip and Rip

How quickly you can forget.

I remember when I just started Crossfit, 2005, everything was new and exciting, you woke up each day anticipating the daily W.O.D from .com and you let it rip. Slowly as you grow and learn the Crossfit moves you start picking what you like don't like what your good at what your not good at. This is a huge enabler that will keep you stuck. Also I could remember watching people getting caught up in flawless form that their times were slow as molasses. I would just grip and rip and let it ride. This allowed amazing times and personal records to stack up. Slowly as you learn the technique and get bogged down in what's right what's wrong you begin to slow down and manage movement and speed.

Competition lesson #1- Flawless technique in a met-con will hold you back. Explained: Weightlifting technique and etiquette are good for Olympic-lifts and Power lifting but don't always translate to Crossfit Sport.


New Snatch PRs 205lbs x 3 rep max
                           225lbs x 1 rep max
Goal weight 245lbs 8 weeks

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