Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Facing the Bull!?

2010 I felt like I was facing the Bull, aka fear, all the time. I was out of my comfort zone doing things I didn't know how to do.   Did the fear go away? NO.
One thing I learned in 2010 is your feelings don't mean crap!  "This doesn't feel right", "this doesn't sit well with me", "oh I don't know if this will work" could all be inner dialgoue that talks you out of what your up to. Well I say "piss on your feelings, feelings are crap".

I was able to sit down with Erwin Le Corre, the founder of MovNat and amazing guy, to discuss his reEvolution of man and fitness. He described his growth plan as already done because he knows a knowing that is undeniable.  If you don't understand this faith then keep searching because when you reach this point anything is possible.

Watch these videos on fear and drop me a comment on what you think.  Even making these videos didn't sit well with me.  I don't like watching them but I made them anyway.  If you don't like them or disagree tell me why.



Samuel Rylander said...

Great comments, Jeremy. There have been a ton of books and speeches created with essentially the same idea. Do it. This is undeniably true, and yet why do so few people do it? Because it's hard. This is what seperates the winners from every one else. The winners do it.


Samuel Rylander

Samuel Rylander said...

By the way, I like that diagram. I haven't seen that before. I'll be using that.

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plieb said...

hey JT... good stuff. flow is a great book. that guys name is hard to pronounce. you might be interested in Vygotsky's theory about the "zone of proximal development." jacob