Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Viva la Revolution

Freedom is here nor there, it is no place no feeling, No-Mind is freedom, freedom to be present. Present is absent of all things being past or future but living in what is and choosing the present moment.
 #getoutofyourmind revolution

Mushin (無心; Chinese wúxīn; English translation "no-mindedness") is a mental state into which very highly trained martial artists are said to enter during combat. They also practice this mental state during everyday activities. The term is shortened from mushin no shin (無心の心), a Zen expression meaning mind of no mind and is also referred to as the state of "no-mindness". That is, a mind not fixed or occupied by thought or emotion and thus open to everything. For the origin of the mushin concept, see Muga-mushin. It is somewhat analogous to flow experienced by artists deeply in a creative process.

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