Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Spectrum

Hey guys today is a watershed moment for me! I am happy to be releasing  my first ever DVD with Zach Even Esh THE UNDERGROUND STRENGTH COACH! Zach has had a major influence on me in business and life it is an honor to work with him. Check it out!

The Spectrum DVD
The Spectrum DVD featuring Zach Even-Esh & Jeremy Thiel is now available for pre-sale! There are only 40 copies of this DVD available, get yours before they sell out.
Jeremy Thiel and Zach Even-Esh are two polar opposite strength coaches when it comes to the way they operate their businesses. Yet they BOTH are achieving great success in the same industry. Most coaches believe that this is unheard of!

Abnormal success comes from parting from "the norm." One operates a tiny warehouse gym strictly for athletes and the other operates several gyms and boot camps, some for general fitness and some for specific niche populations. And although they operate completely different warehouse gyms, they have BOTH dominated their local area by operating gyms in a very tactical manner.

They've BOTH made tons of mistakes and lost lots time AND money during their journey through building their businesses.But they've established very specific strategies for growing their gyms, allowing them to live the lifestyles that they once dreamed.

Check out all the details and all the powerful information they've packed inside 'The Spectrum' and find out what's in store for you.

The Spectrum DVD

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