Monday, October 11, 2010

Ms. Jackson

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"ideas become dynamic when they become specific"

The past two weekends I have been surrounded by competition. The USA Oly/Crossfit Competition and The October Obliteration by Crossfit Champions.  I picked up a couple of insights on competing and I wanted to list some of them here.

1. If you do not take yourself seriously, no one will.
Serious can be interpreted in a few ways. What I mean is preparing yourself for the movement or the workout, your best way and not worrying about the people around you or what they think.

2. The most athletic, does not always mean the fittest.
Efficient movement and skills can separate the average athlete from the pack.
Work Skills!
*Important announcement  
 I will be starting Jeremy Thiel's Book Club this Friday 10/15/10. The Book Club will be geared 1st to Crossfit affiliate owners, 2nd to any entrepreneurs running a business or wishing to sharpen their business skills.  This will be based online, so anyone can participate, regardless of your location.    Details will be released Wednesday 10/13/10.  I will provide Q & A on my blog  + Video insights.
The first book is The Dip by Seth Godin. 

Buy the book and email Susan Bender at saying that you will be joining the book club. The first series will be limited to 25 people. These 25 participants will receive specific insights not shared with the general blog viewer!

There is no cost involved in signing up.  Please comment if you have any questions.

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