Monday, October 18, 2010


Chris's before and after photos are amazing! Look at all of the changes in his face. In three weeks his whole demeanor and the light in his eyes has changed! HE is a new MAN!

I started CrossFit in February of 2009 at CrossFit Waco. I weighed 325 pounds, the biggest I have ever been in my life! I was ready for a major change. With the help of Jonathon Shelton (CFW Owner), I lost 85 pounds.   I reached a point in my CrossFit life where I needed to expand, to get a different perspective on how to approach my fitness advancement.   I contacted Jeremy Thiel to help me get to the next level.  Jeremy and I set up a plan for me to visit CrossFit Central... I was ready to go!

I have to admit, I was nervous driving down to Central.  The voice in the back of my mind was asking if this was really going to be worth it? Was it going to make that much of a difference? I mean, I did lose 85lbs with my current programming.  But like a Pro Fighter preparing for a fight, I sought the help of training partners and took on a 21 Day Challenge with Jeremy.
My 21 Day Challenge........
    Stick to the Zone Diet for 21 days. I've tried the Zone before but failed in my attempts.  Jeremy explained it to me in a new way.  We planned my meals and I was confident this was something I could do! 
    New workout programming to optimize my goals and get to the next level.  I followed the programming and diet to the absolute best of my abilities.  During the those 3 weeks my workouts have never been better!!! I Pr'd on SEVERAL benchmark workouts! My friends at CrossFit Waco have seen the difference not only in my workouts, but my appearance as well.  I am now leaner than ever and lost 6 more pounds. 
Overall, I feel 100% better in my day to day life.  Jeremy's coaching helped me catapolt my journey to becoming a better CrossFitter and person.  His encouragement and motivation inspired me to continue on this path. This did not end as a 21 day "tryout." This has turned out to be a life changing experience and I will continue on... and I WILL be a badass!
See you guys at Sectionals!!!!!!!!!


tdean2 said...

Way to go Chris - right behind you brutha!!!!

jonathon said...

Hell of a job Chris....This is why I love coaching and wake up at 4am. Keep it up, and lets get ready for sectionals.

Chris said...

It all started with you bro. Thank you!

Unknown said...

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