Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Living on the outer limits of what is possible will freak out 98% of the population, including me.  I am good at doing the dance, looking like I am putting it all out there but ONLY when I know it will work. What if you and I were willing to live on the edge but not only on the edge, truly willing to take the leap to the unknown.

Fear is the reason the mass majority are not willing to make the plunge.

I own one of the largest Crossfit Affiliates in the world, if not the largest? I have more than 700 clients, led by over 20 full time trainers. I am ready to make a quantum leap, but if I do this, I will be taking the group with me.

Five years ago, when I took my first leap to start this thing called Crossfit Central, it was me and a hand full of people. The risk was much smaller and the landing if I failed would be much softer.

Today the game is bigger, threatening a much more painful landing.  I do not make decisions without a lot of consideration these days.  It is time to make a move!

You might not see the effects today or tomorrow.  However, in one or two years when you do see the effects, recall this blog post and know a decision was made in the face of FEAR.

God speed
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tarynrom said...

Thanks for using my picture on your blog! Wicked!

Marla said...

Jeremy -

Your words and passion always make me think and push myself past where I can comfortable!

Thank you!

HTC -Get Austin Weird Gals

zevenesh said...

JT nothing can stop you, maybe a few road bumps, but you are unstoppable brutha!!!!

Charlie Lima said...

this sounds good, i am curious what is on your mind bro.

i hope you and lisa make it down to college station sometime soon, i would love to show ya'll our box here at cscf.

Tim Dymmel said...

Very cool. And very intriguing. Looking forward to hearing/seeing more.