Monday, September 27, 2010

Adapt or Die

Opening a Crossfit affiliate can be the scariest and most exciting journey any crossfithead could ever do! Crosssfit recently hit 2000 affiliates world wide. Two thousand is a pretty large number of people.   If you just do simple math, 2000 affiliates times an average of 50 clients at each box is 100,000  organized crossfitters. This is not even counting all the military and home garage gyms, boot camps etc.

As Crossfit reaches mass consumption across the country, new ways of approaching the business must occur.  Going about things as-is, will not meet the demands and the desires of the people.

I personally have had to stretch my view of what is possible at Crossfit Central and how we will touch more people and change the world. Our staff is constantly upping their game and looking at our affiliate with fresh eyes to develop the program and to bring the best product to market.

As the leader of Crossfit Central I must adapt just as fast as the market demands. Sometimes this can be challenging when you are familiar with the old ways of doing things. I am committed to having an open mind to to get our game to the next level!

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