Saturday, July 3, 2010

My Tyler

First off if you haven't seen fight club wake up!? We all have alter egos strong suits people we portray to get through certain situations that come up in life. I am not saying its right or wrong I am just saying.

I am 28 3/4 years old and I have been able to create some pretty interesting characters I portray. Many people dont know who I am or what I am that just see certain sides of me. We all do this but sometimes we dont even know that we are doing it.

Today I was able to do the Murph at Crossfit Austin!It was a total blast and Lisa and I love to visit Boone and Wes the owners. Also the rest of the community that came out rocked!

I was able to do the Murph 1 1/2 times. Once I did it as one character and the second time I was some one else. The first time I went through the WOD light hearted and finished in 40.42RX the slowest I had ever done it. The second time one hour later I ran 1 mile 50 pull ups 100 push ups and 200 squats ending with one mile in 23.32.

I dont know if my time would have been faster? What matters is I was able to come back to the WOD and readdress it with a different mind set and attitude. On the last mile all I could think about was a clip from fight club. Tyler kisses Edward Nortons hand then pours sulfur acid on it. Edward Norton flips out but Tyler wont let him end the pain until he becomes it. After he embraces the pain it ends.

Embrace the pain!I was able to let the workout be what it was and enjoy it!

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Lion Heart said...

Congratulations. You're one step closer to hitting bottom