Saturday, July 24, 2010


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"Here I stand, the future ahead of me the past behind me and only the present to engage. Desire, passion, hunger to be the best nothing more nothing less this is my test."
Last night I was able to relax and watch a movie Coco before Chanel (Trailer). During the part of the movie I mentioned how brave she was and Lisa T. said "she has nothing to lose". It took me back to a time when I lived that way. Oh how good it feels to be ALL IN. The movie was great and very inspiring!

What events in my life caused me to draw in and not live on the edge. Have you seen Rocky 3 Eye of the Tiger. To relate my life to movies I feel like I lost my eye of the tiger and I am going back to the old school to claim it.
I feel a hunger inside of me rising up bigger badder then before a ferocious lion that will not surrender. When I first started out on my life mission I was out to prove my self. This weak place of desperation is dead and gone. 

I am on a Ruthless and Relentless mission to take a stand for all people!

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Nice. Welcome to the "Hip Hop MBA" Club. Take the oath and join me:

"I will bust the chops of all competitors: lesser and greater.

I will out run all pursuers who want my throne.

I will always rise up and fall forward.

I will mask my weaknesses with relentless pursuit of perfection.

I will gain strength from those who love me.

I will gain strength from those who oppose me.

I will remain principled and steady.

Only the inevitable success of reaching my goals will quench my thirst. Nothing less.

I am unstoppable and my ability to endure is endless.

I see the sun at midnight. I do while others dream. And this I do at a suicide pace. For it is the only pace that I know. This I do so my dreams may live."

-Web Smith