Thursday, June 17, 2010

Easy Day!

Have you ever heard this statement "train your face"? Its one of my most favorite things to watch. People express their struggles threw their face many times. One thing I have learned about being successful is to model the best to become your best. Do you ever notice the best athletes or performers rarely if ever look like they are trying. They just do it with eas.

I think I was hungry and I wanted to eat the bar?
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Carl Edwards said...

The Gauntlet has been thrown… The JT/OPT Big Dawgs v. UnderGroundShack Crew. Since most of the crew on the Big Dawgs side is competing in this years Crossfit Games I thinks it’s only fair that JT sets the date of the Team Throwdown (end of July-1st week of August is what I’m thinking), loser pays for a BBQ…. I like mine with extra sauce!!!!!

禎峰 said...
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