Friday, May 21, 2010

SicFIT! HeadHunter II

I have held it in long enough and I am about to explode! Crossfit is my release it allows me to let every thing within me come out.

In 7 days I am traveling to Ft. Worth to lay the wrath from hell on some workouts. This is when I turn the switch on from calm to battle mode. What is battle mode?

The feeling inside your guts if you are about to get jumped by a couple of guys. If your best friend is trapped under a vehicle and you dead 1000lbs of his chest. If some one is threatening your mom your wife or you sister. If some one has a gun to your head and you will throw them to kingdom come and back.

Battle Mode some people have it some people dont? This is when the impossible becomes easy and UNBROKEN is all day!

Big Shout out to Lance Cantu! He lives this way every day!

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Lion Heart said...

nice post JT.... i know you have been holding back and it will be treat to watch you unleash your wrath next weekend (i plan to watch as long as we aren't in the same heat;)....) like you said about Lance, he epitomizes everything about being a headhunter... happy birthdaY to that headhunter as well!

Roland Lance Cantu said...

Much love to you both! 4 days...

brian7 said...

When our practice got started we needed marijuana rehab help. These were the guys we turned to and they did a great job.