Monday, April 19, 2010

Primal Yep thats Primal

So this is my boy Greg he was a State Champion in High School Football 12 years ago. My point he is an athlete and a hard worker. He is an attorney now and works 80 90 100hrs a week!?$@##

The last couple of weeks we have been focusing on a few key thing. SLEEP, EAT, DRINK H20! Now I know the primal thing has really taken off but it doenst get much more primal than that!

Greg keep up the hard work and remember to sleep eat and drink h20!

Are you a trainer and all you focus on is a phenominal squat clean and jerks. Stop every once in a while and check out how your clients life is going WORD?!
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Greg is my kinda guy!

#GETREAL approved.