Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mind Bending

My preferred method of communication is verbal(talking) I am very able to articulate what I am thinking and seeing in my minds eye through word. I believe the world is a place of unlimited possibility and anything is achievable with the belief/faith + massive work ethic. In the past couple of weeks two things have occurred that I have been working on for 5+ years.

1. The Jesus WOD - I am a lover of God and am not always open or verbal about my passion for Christ. On holly week I had a flash of insight to an idea to create a workout after the Passion of Christ. Not until this morning did it hit me what a long time dream of mine it had been to put something together like this to express my love!

2. Project Mayhem - Last night the male coaches of Crossfit Central came together to host a challenge for Men only. This was an EPIC event in my mind. Many of the guys who showed up were former athletes and hadn't had this environment to be involved in since they played high school or college sports. When I say environment I mean a group of people that encourage you and support you and cheer you on for challenging your self. On another note some of the men had never gotten to be apart of an event like this one. Congratulations to all who participated!

Last, the video posted is the story we all living the great adventure the great passion of the human race. Connecting with one another and enduring all the challenges and obstacle that face us.


Atticus said...

Mayhem was a blast. More so than I imagined. Even though I'm still limping.

Anonymous said...

Amazing video!
Nothing can stop passion.

Jeremy Thiel said...

Atticus ice it54inch box isn't for every one.

Elliot, yes sir passion is the key!

Christine said...

Wow - that video left me speechless. There's tremendous power in passion, in our drive to connect. Thanks for posting it.

Charlie Lima said...

Hey Jeremy, I want you to know that I think it is awesome that you put together the Jesus WOD and promoted it on your website, in your business and I am sure in every way possible. You are a person who many people look up to and I know God uses you in countless ways to glorify Him. Way to stay humble and faithful bro.

Coach Cherrick said...


I've seen lots of hints in your website re: your faith and love that you came out so forcefully! Folks may disagree with your faith, but your integrity demands their respect. Congratulations!

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