Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Girl Talk

I am officially a Girl Talk Fan! I want to be on stage next time he is here in ATX!

Fran Today 2.29Rx
Helen Today 7.36rx
Oly lifting Technique Squat Clean 205lbs. now comes off the ground like butta! More load less work!

My goal is to be the most efficient crossfitter in the world. Moving threw space and time with eas of mind and body.Working at max intensity making work look like play. Moon Walker
Thanks to my Coach John Del Peral My acupuncturists Rachelle Webb My nutritionist Lisa Thiel Olympic Coach Chad Vaughn

All the folks help me see the world from different eyes!

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georgia said...

Girl Talk was probably one of the best performances of ACL 2009! Massive dance party in the mud & the muck.

ACL 2010 is on my 30th bday - We Libras know how to do it right!