Saturday, April 3, 2010


Crossfit Central coaches after the Jesus WOD on Friday. It was a great mental challenge that left me thinking about the 2009 Crossfit Games. The wod was long and began to feel pointless. Mental workouts are the best challenges for athletes to see if you have the determination to do what ever it takes to finish what you have started. Time and time again I have heard Crossfit atheltes say this wod is dumb I am not doing it..... me included. That is an excuse and usually why you wont stick it out to the finish. I also put up a couple of great shots my sister Kelly took. Hope every one had a great Easter and Celebrated life!

Thats my momma in the back ground with baby Pierce!
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georgia said...

Did this WOD on Saturday with a couple of friends while also listening to gospel/contemp Christian music. Never really "got" the physical part of the Stations of the Cross. It was just a story. But now, I have a great understanding of the infinite love and sacrifice involved. I cried at one point, not because of the painful workout but because of the overwhelming sense of peace and gratitude that came from finally "getting" it.

Amazing way to celebrate the miracle of Easter!