Monday, March 8, 2010

Whats yours?

The clock represents a lot of different things to crossfitters! One representation is Motivation! If you notice in the photo Megan is not screaming at the top of her lungs to get her client to do work. She is intently checking her watch to get an update on where here client stands on intensity.

What does the Clock represent to you?
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Running Hoosier said...

The clock is a another unit of measurement. It is one way to measure my progress. When I can complete a WOD in less time then the previous I have improved.

The clock helps to set another goal. I completed xWOD in x amount of time.. I now have a goal to work towards, less then the mark just set.

Some times it is a good friend. Especially when you do AMRAPS for set time. It means completion, rest.

XfitCrimlaw said...

Well stated Hoosier. Not to be repetitive, but the watch means motivation and relief to me. However, on WODs like Angie, it is my worst enemy. I have this knack for doing that WOD faster and faster each time, so the watch is really starting to kill me.