Monday, March 1, 2010

In the FACE of Adversity

Moment by moment day by day adversity stares you in the face. The pain is to much, the pressure will turn you back. I first heard about adversity from my highs school football coach James Morton. When you are a kid you cant figure out exactly what it is. You just might feel it or see the challenges but cant understand it.

As I have grown up I have turned from confused or running from adversity to looking for it. COME ON ADVERSITY BRING IT!

Then SMACK BAMB BANG it shows up and I am like what is this what do you want with me. It might take me a couple days a couple weeks to figure out what is stalking me but once I began to catch on the tide begins to turn.

Tone it down kid tone it down. You might scare the kids.
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