Wednesday, March 17, 2010

High Resolution

Competition vs. Training

After training Crossfit for 4 1/2 years you start to learn a lot about your self and your ability's to push to the next level. Also when you should and how you should train at the next level. I am an emotional competitor I am starting to learn that doesn't mean I need to train with emotion. Training at high intensity's and getting emotionally involved in your workouts can burn your candle from both ends. I have began to learn to be stingy with my emotional energy and its application to training.

Sorry for the rambling but I was thinking about this today during my WOD. What do you think?
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Roger Ruiz said...

You have a good point there JT

Matthew Napier said...

very wise! i am hoping that the longer i train crossfit the more i will learn. mainly, how to keep myself from hitting those emotional lows after long periods of intense training. thanks for the post... gives me something to think about!