Monday, March 22, 2010

Games Plan

The Crossfit Regional competition is in 10 weeks and its time to start training! The last couple of weeks I have been working on my program to prepare me for the regional competition and set me up for the Crossfit Games in July. After three years of training for the Crosssfit games I feel like I have never reached my full potential. The guess work of how to run an affiliate have a personal life and train has always challenged me. Learning from my past experience I am one step closer to be more prepared then ever.

This brings me to my last thought. How is each competitor training with the Games in mind with out destroying them selves training for sectionals and regionals then the games? Three competitions can take a major toll on the body and mind if you do not build to the final event.

17 Weeks until AROMAS 10 Weeks until Regionals in Ft. Worth!
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Lion Heart said...

personally I felt I was prepared enough for Sectionals but FAR from peaking, which would explain my overall placement. a week of rest plus a cleanse(1 more week of cleansing from performance products) and now I am ready to begin amping up for Regional.

the BIGGEST thing for me is sticking to a program and not wavering while adding additional wods or working on my weaknesses.