Thursday, February 25, 2010

Smoked Again!?

Who's Dave Castro and Charlie? Good question because I got smoked by Dave twice now in the past 3 months. Each workout has been a team workout? So I could blame it on someone else but if you see Leo he is a Russian BAD A#% and had me sucking wind. The first workout I got beat I was partnered Lance Cantu and Lisa Bender two Bad A@$ as well?! Dave didnt have to bad of team either Ryan Williams former Seal and two other seals. So the question is when will I get a show down with Dave one on one? This could be the best workout challenge of the millennium!

Any one want to see that!?
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3 comments: Lindsey and Web Smith said...

Like I told Dave the first time he and I chatted at last year's regional (before I knew he was a SEAL), that dude is a closet beast. That looked fun.

Charlie Lima said...

Haha, that wod was brutal, I still have scabs on my elbows from those planks!

Dallas said...

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