Friday, January 15, 2010

You Decide

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Ok why are these two folks so jazzed up? They decided to be?! I asked Megan and Patrick of Fly Wheel Fitness to pose and this is the photo that came out!

Level 10 experience it seems like it could be difficult to achieve but every once in a while it happens....right! What if it happened every time you experienced life. This is how I experienced life for the first 25 years. Life happened and some things where good some bad and I wanted more. For the last 4 I have chosen a different path. I decided I was going to grab life by the horns and go where I wanted to go. It has worked well but just this week I got my hands on an awesome CD Called power talks with Tony Robbins.

Tony talks about setting gauges to what a level Ten experience would be. WOW you could actually set the gauges "KEY" that are in your control and if they happen its a 10+ experience! Just like any goal if you dont have a target you will never hit it.

Example - If I go to Crossfit Central today for a workout and I roll out on my trigger point set warm up and break a sweat. Level 10 experience! Wow great thats a start.... right?

Ok lets really rev this thing up. Go into Crossfit Central Roll Out with my buddies who I invited to work out with me! Warm Up to get proper muscle engagement to move through the workout with no snags! Yeah its getting good. Write down a WOD and move through it effortlessly at max intensity. Follow it up with a great paleo meal lean chicken and sweet potato's! Get a great workout, have fun!

PERFECT 10+ Wow what way to workout right! YOU TRY IT! Write your experience in the comments!
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