Saturday, January 16, 2010


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OK I HAVE TO ADMIT IT IM ON A ROLL! DOUBLE POST ON A SATURDAY! So Big Mike and Michael "the winnie" Winchester threw down the gauntlet with a Saturday three wods in three hours. It was off the hook! Im so jacked up about the day "bam" another blog post.

So the topic SICFIT! What does it mean? What is it? and WHY?

I am assembling a team of Sic Men and Women that are the most creative, dynamic, explosive the industry has ever seen!

Oh I didnt answer any of the questions but just wait! SICFIT.COM IS ABOUT TO GO VIRAL!


Anonymous said...

You should come out with a "SICFIT Infected" shirt to go with that. Lindsey and Web Smith said...

Infected like Ebola.