Monday, January 18, 2010

Bulls Eye

Yesterday I realized and have known for a while if I want to compete this year in the Crossfit games I am going to need to step up my game. Some people might not believe me or think I am exaggerating but the last three years my training for the games has been sub-par. I have been blessed with a great foundation starting to workout at an early age and have developed a lot of good and bad habits.

Last years games exposed some of my not so elite fitness skills. I wont address all of my fitness flaws yet but one of my largest is the Snatch. I was able to snatch 215lbs which was fairly good but not near my full potential. Do to years of strength training I can muscle it over my head but there is little technique in making the snatch happen.

I have changed my stance, my grip width, and moved to the hook grip. This suckes let me tell you and its very uncomfortable. Elite athleticism or who is willing to suffer the most?

I love Crossfit!
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