Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Anatomy of a Crossfitter

Ok I have been watching Jersey Shore and I am sad the series is over for now. The situation has inspired JDP and My self to get ripped. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhh got yeah.

On another note John and I were visiting about shoulder issues and injures do to the butterfly pull up. Anyone experienced an injury from doing the butterfly pull up? This topic broadened to over use issues or in balances in the muscles and over compensation.

I believe to elevate my training I will need to balance my training with gpp, gymnastics and more skill work. This leads to the photo. I told John in 4 months my body would be transformed and more athletics with a broader training protocol. So we took a picture for proof.

2010 will include much more trail running, hill running, and gymnastics and skilled oly lifts and kettlebells!!!!!!!
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XfitCrimlaw said...

I have developed a lot of crappy buildup in around my right shoulder blade from butterflies. It started right after thanksgiving. It hurts like a knot in my back and the pain comes and goes. If I don't do butterflies for a day or two, the pain goes away overall. I have debated giving up on Butterflies, but they are so fast and efficient. I guess if I continue to hurt, I will have to go back to the standard Kip.

CrossFitChron.com: Lindsey and Web Smith said...

we'll see who wins this battle...