Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Getten Some!

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This past weekend I performed in the all cities open hosted by Crossfit Dallas Central. First off I wanted to say it was a great event Sam, Dean, and Spencer of CFDC are all fantastic guys and you should definitely go by their box if you live or travel through Dallas TX.

Vic Zachary posted in the photo above did a great job this weekend! He is an impressive athlete a great guy and has a heart of gold.

One thing that the competitive Crossfit community continues to see is a constantly varied scoring method for competitions. I think scoring is one of the most unknown variables across the board at competitions. The more I compete the more I realize the place you come in can not determine your emotional and mental attitude towards the event and your outcome.
A few variables to gauge
1. How did you feel.
2. Are you in your best shape not compared to others around you.
3. What is your outcome goal.
4. Did you have fun!

After three National International Crossfit Games which year had the best scoring relative to the events?

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