Monday, November 16, 2009

The Engine

Everyone has dreams.....right? I have lots of dreams. I am working daily to achieve my goals and chipping a way at large dreams I see in the future. This brings me to another question. If I dont have the capacity to achieve my dreams because the my mind, work ethic, or desire do not meet the demands of the task is it impossible to reach my larger goals?

I have the same question for a crossfitter. Many people want to train for the crossfit games but they might not have the engine to get them there. Their body might not have the capacity to perform under the demands of 8 crossfit workouts in two days. So the question is does the person have the wrong goals or do they need to figure out a way to make it happen?

This is why I believe everyone needs a coach or a mentor in their lives. What do you think?
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lisabenderthiel said...

agreed! a group to support is one thing but a coach for YOU is something else entirely. Lindsey and Web Smith said...

Dang. November 16 has been dubbed, "National Put Web on Blast Day." Kidding.

The following day after day 2 of the regionals, I believed that the goal was out of reach for me. That following day, I changed my approach and began believing that I would succeed.

I hold that belief very close to my heart and I plan on seeing it through. Especially for the next guy or girl who thinks, if not for only a day, that they have no business being special.

That's what drives me.


Lion Heart said...

“Mentor: Someone whose hindsight can become your foresight”

i agree 100% that an athlete who wants to succeed and achieve goals that were once unattainable needs a coach or a mentor to push them or guide them when need be.

Wichi Woman said...

I agree, having a great coach can and will make the impossible possible. I miss having a coach around!

Mchael Gregory said...

"Every one Needs a coach!"
Kelly Starett said that in one of the first conversations I ever had with him.

If you aren't seeking out people who are already in positions you want to be in... You likely will never find yourself there.

I mimic all the people who do and have done very well all the things I am good at today!