Sunday, September 20, 2009

Re - Post from Crossfit Chronicles Blog

The CrossFit Journal has a new article, Part One of the series "Centers of Excellence" focuses on CrossFit Calgary and Part Two will focus on CrossFit Central. Of the entire global CrossFit community, Mark Warkentin lists these two as affiliates that lead the way. James "OPT" Fitzgerald and APT lead the way in Calgary. CrossFit Central's Jeremy Thiel and Carey Kepler does the same for their respective affiliate.
  • How are these affiliates differ from other affiliates?
  • What do they do to separate themselves from the field?
  • Does it help to have Games participants as coaches?
  • Are these affiliates more strict with their clientele?
  • Do they approach CrossFit with Coach Glassman's intent, the Sport of Fitness?
  • Do they keep more empirical (and thus, referenceable) client data?
  • How much does leadership play a role?
  • Do former collegiate athletes have a coaching advantage?
As CrossFit continues the transition into recognized spectator sport, an affiliate's prominence may likely be based upon how successfully they embrace CrossFit training as preparation for competition (local, regional or international). Of course, there will always be clients who will never pursue competition, yet still, they will follow the trend of inching toward competition-readiness. There must be a correlation between competition-proven coaches and the affiliate's perceived excellence, right? I loved CrossFit before, but then I competed in the regional qualifier and that experience did more for my affinity and motivation than the previous year of daily WOD's combined. There is a passion that can be attributed to an individual who has faced the humility of CrossFit competition. With that comes the wish to see the same transformation in their clients and/or peers.

As CrossFit continues the transition into recognized spectator sport, Affiliates may focus more on cultivating CrossFit athletes for the sport of CrossFit, itself. Intensity, passion and improved G.P.P. of the client-base will surely follow. Just my thoughts.

Webster Smith

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