Monday, September 28, 2009

Blink Blink Tick Tick

This past weekend Crossfit Central put 100+ folks through FGB 4. Crossfit Central with 2 other affiliates raised $31k Wow what a weekend?

So with such a huge event it took a lot of people to help set it up and coordinate and make it happen so first off thank you to all who helped!

Lucky me on Tuesday I started coming down with flu like symptoms. Body aches, chills headache, the sweats, sleepy your getting very sleepy type of symptoms. I didnt really have time for them but they seemed to have a louder voice then my will to push through. Fast forward to Friday the day before the event I was in bed all day going through sweating fits leaving my whole bed soaked through to the mattress.

I ended up making it out on Saturday morning but didnt get to do the coaches workout challenge. I felt 65% myself through the event but gave it my all.

The reason why I wrote this blog was to state the realization I had. Giving your self to others via Crossfit Coaching is no joke when it comes to energy and passion. God seems in my life to allways punch me in the gut when I need to learn something.

Ever chance to coach is a gift every chance to share your passion with others is a gift. Respect it or lose it.

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