Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Blood Sweat and Many Tears.....

CrossFit Central is a great success story, with membership over 500 and revenue approaching $100,000 per month. Jeremy Thiel explains how he was able to use passion, commitment and great service to create a profitable business—and a community.

I founded CrossFit Central along with my sister, Carey Kepler, back in 2006. We were the 150th affiliate, and we were starting from scratch—no clients, no box and no credibility. But we had a mission: to build a fit community and affect people’s lives.

Since affiliating in 2006, CrossFit Central has grown from zero paying clients to over 500. We are profitable and remain debt-free in a time when our economy is failing. We have 22 coaches and a staff of four people earning incomes ranging from $35,000 to $85,000. On average, 20-30 new people sign up each month, and we are changing lives daily.

Is it hard starting an affiliate? Yes, it’s tough. But gives us a vehicle to promote what we do, and without it I wouldn’t have as much credibility as I do now. Greg and Lauren Glassman gave me the confidence to take people to the trough. I put my belief in the community as opposed to me being the go-to expert. is the expert, and I lead my clients there.

I don’t believe there’s only one right way to run and operate a CrossFit affiliate, and that’s the beauty of this business. The systems we’ve developed work and are the best for us and our clients. That said, our route to success might help you find your own.

Crossfit Journal

Monday, September 28, 2009

Blink Blink Tick Tick

This past weekend Crossfit Central put 100+ folks through FGB 4. Crossfit Central with 2 other affiliates raised $31k Wow what a weekend?

So with such a huge event it took a lot of people to help set it up and coordinate and make it happen so first off thank you to all who helped!

Lucky me on Tuesday I started coming down with flu like symptoms. Body aches, chills headache, the sweats, sleepy your getting very sleepy type of symptoms. I didnt really have time for them but they seemed to have a louder voice then my will to push through. Fast forward to Friday the day before the event I was in bed all day going through sweating fits leaving my whole bed soaked through to the mattress.

I ended up making it out on Saturday morning but didnt get to do the coaches workout challenge. I felt 65% myself through the event but gave it my all.

The reason why I wrote this blog was to state the realization I had. Giving your self to others via Crossfit Coaching is no joke when it comes to energy and passion. God seems in my life to allways punch me in the gut when I need to learn something.

Ever chance to coach is a gift every chance to share your passion with others is a gift. Respect it or lose it.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

This is a stick up

Get your hands up shut your mouth... dont tell me to calm down.......Im here to take you back......

Tyson Trailer

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Re - Post from Crossfit Chronicles Blog

The CrossFit Journal has a new article, Part One of the series "Centers of Excellence" focuses on CrossFit Calgary and Part Two will focus on CrossFit Central. Of the entire global CrossFit community, Mark Warkentin lists these two as affiliates that lead the way. James "OPT" Fitzgerald and APT lead the way in Calgary. CrossFit Central's Jeremy Thiel and Carey Kepler does the same for their respective affiliate.
  • How are these affiliates differ from other affiliates?
  • What do they do to separate themselves from the field?
  • Does it help to have Games participants as coaches?
  • Are these affiliates more strict with their clientele?
  • Do they approach CrossFit with Coach Glassman's intent, the Sport of Fitness?
  • Do they keep more empirical (and thus, referenceable) client data?
  • How much does leadership play a role?
  • Do former collegiate athletes have a coaching advantage?
As CrossFit continues the transition into recognized spectator sport, an affiliate's prominence may likely be based upon how successfully they embrace CrossFit training as preparation for competition (local, regional or international). Of course, there will always be clients who will never pursue competition, yet still, they will follow the trend of inching toward competition-readiness. There must be a correlation between competition-proven coaches and the affiliate's perceived excellence, right? I loved CrossFit before, but then I competed in the regional qualifier and that experience did more for my affinity and motivation than the previous year of daily WOD's combined. There is a passion that can be attributed to an individual who has faced the humility of CrossFit competition. With that comes the wish to see the same transformation in their clients and/or peers.

As CrossFit continues the transition into recognized spectator sport, Affiliates may focus more on cultivating CrossFit athletes for the sport of CrossFit, itself. Intensity, passion and improved G.P.P. of the client-base will surely follow. Just my thoughts.

Webster Smith

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Do or Die....

Donate Today!

2009 Fight Gone Bad will be the fourth year Crossfit Central hosted such an event. If you want to come out and play you should sign up.
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Friday, September 11, 2009

Monday, September 7, 2009

Relentless is BACK

Smoke and mirrors Im back bigger badder and bolder. You thought round one was good you havnt seen anything yet.

In the Prime.............. BOLD................LARGER THEN LIFE...............

Hey JDP watch and learn my friend. K Kris you ready?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Black Box Summit

OK so I warned you within the last 36 hours 16 people have signed up.

This leaves 24 spots!

If you are reading this you are one of the first to know about the Black Box Summit. If you dont sign up immediately you will not get a seat. Ok I warned you 3.....2.....1 GO

November 20-22: Austin, Texas

The 2009 Black Box Summit was created by affiliates for affiliates. This event will host 9 experts in the CrossFit Community who will come together to share their expertise in the field. For 3 days you get the opportunity to learn from the top professional coaches and affiliates who are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence. Learn programming, nutrition implementation, affiliate business models, and much more.

The Speakers: Robb Wolf, James Fitzgerald, Nicki Voletti, Aimee Anaya, Greg Everrett, Michael Rutherford, Dutch Lowy, Jeremy Thiel & Carey Kepler

This weekend training is the opportunity of a lifetime and
Limited to only 40 people - Sign Up