Monday, August 31, 2009

Never Been Done Before!

Muscle Confusion - Constantly varied functional movements.

P90X- I have had more people ask me about this program in the last few weeks.

What do you think about P90X? Have you tried out the program?


Web Smith said...

It is a good introduction to CrossFit. I admired some of their movements and implemented them into the functional training that Lindsey and I coached for adults in our classes at Velocity Sports Performance and Centers for Athletic Performance-Elite.

The problem? People don't stick with P90X's program. It takes a lot of time and I find that people are often discouraged without the obvious lack of interpersonal communication that TV just can't provide. I do think that it is legit.

JDP said...

might as well call it...
P90XFit Games 2010! Start confusin those muscles baby!

a.maria said...

i've done a couple of the videos and they're no joke... but yeah, i'd never replace my crossfit with it.

def'ly some good movements to incorporate into wods and such though.

Deadly Nedly said...

I tracked some data on a few people on p90x.. they did get fitter for sure, up to a point. Nothing that's going to make them "competitive" in anything, but better than all the rest of the TV garbage. The 'commercialness' of it (literally) makes me want to puke, with all the hot fitness jargon and dramatization, but honestly it's surprisingly effective, even though it kills me to write that.