Friday, August 21, 2009


A true test. The hill run at the 2009 Crossfit Games was incomparable to any other workout I had done in my entire life. You couldn't really see anyone or hear anything. All you knew was the finish line was up there some where. If you can see the finish line its the cone in front of Mikko Salo *(1st place at the games). The last ten feet was the most challenging part.

I love how Mikko is chillin watching us finish. Yes he was in my heat and yes I know I have a big mouth.
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Justin A said...

I was rooting for you at the games! Your blog is good. I'll be checking it often.
I just affiliated 3 months ago and am running a garage gym in Roseville, CA. CrossFit Placer.
I have a lot to learn.
The picture of the burning lion on the sidebar, can I get a copy of that? Where is it from?

Jeremy Thiel said...


Can you not copy the image from my site? I ripped it off some one else web page. Thanks for your support. Good luck with your affiliate!

Jeremy T

Justin A said...

Yep, that's what I did. I put it on my workout log - it's a really cool picture.
Wish I had made a point to introduce myself at the games. I really liked the videos on the affiliate blog a while ago, will there be more?
I'm finding a lot of inspiration from your blog and CC website.