Monday, August 24, 2009

Genetic Freak?

It is always interesting to me when someone says "oh it must be genetics". Many times when people do amazing things people chalk it up to be genetics, luck, or right place right time.

What do you think?
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Melicious said...

I think I'm living proof that genetics only explain part of the story. I have ZERO natural athletic gifts.


But I'm stubborn as the day is long, and it's kinda working out.

There's something really beautiful about watching athletes that appear to be naturally gifted -- but genetic talent needs to be honed by hard work, don'tcha think?

Lion Heart said...

awesome pic!

Aaron said...

Genetics play a part for sure, but I don't think it's the most important thing. Take Lance Armstrong - he probably has a genetic gift for what he does, but if he hadn't worked his a$$ off, he probably wouldn't have achieved what he has. Bruce Lee is another example. I think it’s all about work ethic. Determination. Perseverance. Pick your favorite synonym... to me, genetics only play a small part.

Web Smith said...

I have no genetic advantages so I know that while genetics help, it is not the end-all. I mean heck, I am a mutt and I got all of the bad traits from each race.

My races shall overcome.


georgia said...

Sometimes our "genetic freakiness" is our inability to hear "you can't/shouldn't/wouldn't/couldn't do that" as anything BUT a challenge to do that very thing.

a.maria said...

i think accepting that genetics is part of the game is the only way for people WITHOUT a genetic advantage, to stay the course.

i've marathoned, triathloned and crossfitted for the last three years, and i know that whatever gains i've made.. and there have been A LOT -- i will never look like carey, jolie, or crystal.

but knowing that, and accepting it, is, i think, half the battle.