Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Burn baby Burn

It probably happens about once or twice a year. I catch on fire! People ask me all the time how did Crossfit Central blow up so fast?! I all ways laugh inside and then give a silly answer like we work hard and show up. That is an understatement. We work hard year round building up clients, free workouts, body assessments you name it, the Works.

Consistency is the key to success but every once in a while we step back and rip it. MASSIVE ACTION CURES EVERY THING! I cant claim I came up with this but I have learned to apply it. I am in a period of masses action but now I have a team of 24 + strong dedicated Coaches ready to rip across Austin Texas and the Nation!

1 comment:

Carey Kepler said...

Amen Brother! Massive Action!