Thursday, July 23, 2009

Blood Game

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30 days of running. I started running 3 days ago.
Day one: 1 Mile
Day Two: 2.3 Miles
Day Three: 4.5 Miles

30 days of paleo. I started yesterday. Thank goodness my bachelor party is in 31 days!

I weigh 197lbs. I plan to be 187lbs in 30 days. At the 2010 games I will weigh 185lbs. Snatch 250lbs 30 muscle ups in sub 5 minutes 50 hand stand push ups in 5 minutes. I will run a 5 minute mile. I will run a 19minute 5k. I rope climb on command with no legs multiple sets. I will have 60 pull ups in 60 seconds. I will deadlift over 500lbs. and back squat 455lbs. I will clean and Jerk 3oolbs. I will master my emotions and be a headhunter with precision. I will eat like a caveman and live like one too. How will I do this you ask? I will seek out the highest level of coaching in the market. I will read and study endlessly and become the maker of my day.

2008 games was a glimpse of possibilities 2009 games was a wake up call. 2010 games will be the beginning of an era. I will not stop I will forge ahead with a relentless commanding spirit.

My body is my slave and my master mind is hungry......

I am Lance Armstrong


Lion Heart said...

I'm here to "spot"you!!!!

Joe said...

That is the truth.
I believe.

Greg said...

I love the exactness of your goals. They leave is no margin for error, you do it or you do not.

Webster M. Smith said...

I told you so, people!

Event looked like fun, last night. Wish we could've been there! I am still hoping to make it out to Napa Valley, next month for our wine tasting party. If I can't get a flight, I plan on taking five extra days off and running there.